Corin Hammond

Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives
Legislative District 11
Vote ONLY for Hammond November 8 2016

I live with my husband, David, and daughter Summer, in Marana, AZ with our dogs Winston and Hazel.


Shouldn’t your representation in Phoenix work for you?

My opponents say that the state government’s role is to keep the citizens in line. I disagree with this notion. I think that the our State Legislature should work for us. When we pass voter-enacted laws it is the job of the State Legislature to implement them properly. Unfortunately, our Arizona lawmakers have a bad habit of fighting against voter-enacted laws. Despite their claims that they are fiscal conservatives, they use Arizona taxpayer money to file lawsuits against the voters to justify willfully breaking the law. It’s so much easier to file lawsuits when you are using other people’s money to pay for it. Ultimately, Arizona taxpayers have to pay double because we cover the cost to both fight and defend the laws created by the voters. This is a massive violation of the will of voters but also a huge waste of taxpayer money that should be used to make our schools safe, pay our public teachers competitive salaries, and develop our roads and utilities to support Arizona business.

I am a fierce defender of civil liberties for Arizonans, a strong supporter of public education, family values, small business growth, and responsible environmental management that supports both tourism and industry.

Arizona is in desperate need of bipartisan discussion. Let me reach across the aisle for you to find practical solutions.



7 thoughts on “Corin Hammond

  1. I felt the same way as you do about Arizona when I came here in 1982. Now, in my old age, economic and social inequalities have spoiled the quality of life of so many, I must strive to be happy.

    May your promising enthusiasm give you the strength to achieve responsible, practical solutions to our many important issues.

    Best to you in success, prosperity and happiness,


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  2. Thank you for running Corin. I’m a life long conservative with a public teacher wife who’s fed up with the years of the education budget being an afterthought. I’ve not voted for a democrat since that party began drastically changing many years ago, leaving middle-of-the-roaders behind over far left, special interest factional grooms and the corresponding policies.

    After two years of attempted communication with Mr. Leach and Mr. Finchem regarding increased education funds and the ensuing silence, I’m considering voting for their democrat opponent this time.

    There is one non-negotionable topic that you (nor they) mentioned on you website or in the Voter Education Guide — 2nd amendment protection. I happen to like all 10 of our Constitutional amendments (as should all citizens) and would like to know where you stand on future potential related votes.

    For example, state universal background checks that would include currently alowed non-checked private sales among law abiding individuals whether at gun shows or in the privacy of their homes, magazine bullet number limitations, etc. are you a gun owner by chance?

    Thank you for your time, and regardless of the above, thanks for adding a fresh voice to the race.

    Bill Senn
    Oro Valley


    1. Hello Bill,

      Thank you for your interest in our campaign. I am a fierce defender of our Second Amendment rights. Although I am not a gun owner, I have friends and family members who hunt every year and others who collect firearms for historical and hobbyist purposes. Because gun ownership is part of our culture as Americans and as Arizonans we must address the current nationwide struggle over gun violence. Unfortunately, The prevalence of gun-related violence in our communities, whether real or perceived, is what currently threatens our Second Amendment rights. To protect our civil liberties voters must overcome the obstructionism of wealthy special interest groups from outside of Arizona and open a direct line of communication with our lawmakers. The answer is to ask current state legislative candidates to promise to re-propose House Bill 2011. HB 2011 proposed last session would have formed a public safety and violence-prevention study committee to identify real risks related to gun violence in Arizona and recommend realistic solutions. The committee would be formed by legislators from both parties and leaders from the law enforcement, media, gun rights advocacy, gun control advocacy, and mental healthcare communities. Unfortunately HB 2011 never made it to a vote in the legislative process. The short-sighted goal of the gun lobby is to keep the conversation of gun control off the table in legislative processes across the country, but the unintended consequence is that it leaves communities unheard, unsettled, and scared – which brings us to debates over Second Amendment rights. Before making changes to current requirements for background checks, I want to hear the recommendations from the committee that would be created by passing HB 2011. Before we can enact effective steps to reducing gun related violence in our communities, we have to know something about it. I do not believe in revoking personal freedom without definitive evidence of widespread benefits.


  3. Good job, Corin! I can’t wait for you to take your seat in the legislature and be the voice of reason from Pima. Soar on to victory, we are all behind you 100%!


  4. My Avra Valley neighbors and I would like your response to the article: Interstate 11 Environmental Impact Study:
    The Secret Government’s $15 Million Dollar Fraud by Albert Vetere Lannon and your position on Interstate 11 and the Sonoran Corridor. Your position will determine our vote.


    1. Hello Mr. Lannon,
      I appreciate your concern for cautious use of taxpayer money, keeping jobs in Arizona, and preserving our valuable Sonoran Desert and open spaces. Local and state government have a responsibility to research future opportunities in infrastructure development to keep Arizona relevant in business, trade, and job growth. The proposed southern section of the I-11 would greatly improve business opportunities in Legislative District 11, particularly on the Pinal County end around Maricopa City and Casa Grande. I am committed to protecting Saguaro National Park and would fight for the I-11 to take the widest possible birth around Avra Valley and Picture Rocks, but development may never extend that far south. The greatest pitfall for I-11 development south of Phoenix is funding which has not been secured from the federal government. Until then I have made sure that my voice has been heard at public community planning meetings this past summer that my priority is to keep the I-11 at a distance from Avra Valley and Picture Rocks.


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