Corin Hammond

Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives
Legislative District 11
November 2016

I moved to southern Arizona in 2007 and have never looked back. I have lived and worked all over the country, but I fell in love with being an Arizonan. I now live with my husband, David, and daughter Summer, in Marana, AZ with our dogs Winston and Hazel.


Shouldn’t your representation in Phoenix be a reflection of you?

I am a middle-class mother and I believe that hard work translates to success. I balance a career, household, family, bills, and on top of that I try to make time for a social life. Life is busy but many of us are reaching for the same goals. We all want the American Dream. We want to live in neighborhoods where we feel safe to take a walk in the evenings. We want our neighborhood children to grow up in supportive families and never go to bed hungry. We want an educated local workforce and prefer to support local businesses. As Americans, we believe that hard work equates to success and that we have the right to comfortable retirement. We deserve clean water to drink and safe food to eat. Many politicians and TV personalities say that these days are behind us, but they are wrong. We can all achieve our American Dream if we elect representatives to Phoenix who can navigate the future rather than get lost in the past.

saguaro - continental ranchI see Arizona as a vibrant state with a strong agricultural industry, valuable mineral and ore deposits, rich heritage that attracts a thriving tourism industry, and a booming solar energy sector that is paving the way for the rest of the country. When you think about it, Arizonans should ask for nothing less than that ideal lifestyle of comfort. We just need to find a balance.

Our legislature has let us down. Recent discriminatory laws against immigrants (SB1070) and marriage equality (SB1062) are unethical and harm the Arizona economy. They discourage potential corporate partners and tourism that promote job growth in Arizona. The partisan nature of the Tea Party legislators eliminates the negotiation component from the Arizona legislative process and holds our state hostage. Increased spending at the state level without increasing state revenue has knocked the state budget out of balance, plunging Arizona nearly $1 billion in debt. Gov. Doug Ducey’s solution to the budget crisis was to butcher state-funded education in his 2015 state budget that has been widely regarded as a massive failure of our leadership.

If Arizona will not invest in an educated work force for the future, industries will leave the state. This is a mistake Arizona can’t afford! It’s time to bounce back.

I am a fierce defender of civil liberties for Arizonans, a strong supporter of public funded education, family values, affordable health care, small business growth, and responsible environmental management.

Arizona is in desperate need of bipartisan discussion. Let me reach across the aisle for you to find practical solutions.


Vote for me, Corin Hammond, for AZ House, Legislative District 11

2 thoughts on “Corin Hammond

  1. I felt the same way as you do about Arizona when I came here in 1982. Now, in my old age, economic and social inequalities have spoiled the quality of life of so many, I must strive to be happy.

    May your promising enthusiasm give you the strength to achieve responsible, practical solutions to our many important issues.

    Best to you in success, prosperity and happiness,


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