Online Casinos Accepting Zelle Online Casinos Accepting Zelle

Zelle is a payment method exclusive to the United States that has gained popularity among online casino participants.

Zelle enables its users to send and receive money through the app, purchase and sell Bitcoin, and transfer Bitcoin to partner apps for online casino payments.


It is a safe payment method and a fantastic choice for US players who wish to make quick and secure cryptocurrency casino deposits.

What Is Zelle?


Zelle Payment Method

Zelle is an immediate direct payment system that can be used for both person-to-person transactions and domestic purchases.


For international payments, such as those made at offshore online casinos, Zelle provides consumers with access to the market – a platform for buying, selling, and transferring Bitcoin with ease.


The primary benefit of the Zelle-LocalBitcoins partnership is that you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies quickly – without the typical delay that many fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchanges require.


How To Utilize Zelle At A Web-Based Casino

Today, the vast majority of online casinos welcome cryptocurrency deposits; in fact, it’s their preferred deposit method due to its speed and low transaction fees. Therefore, you can use your Zelle balance to acquire cryptocurrencies via and then make a deposit at virtually any online casino.


You should be aware that Zelle is typically absent from the transaction page of online casinos. Select “Bitcoin” and use LocalBitcoin to conduct the crypto transfer.


Even though the procedure is quite simple, we understand that it can appear intimidating to novices. Check out our detailed guide to learn how to use your Zelle balance to fund your casino account.


Step-By-Step Guide To Making Zelle Deposits

Sign Up With Zelle – Verify that your US bank account is compatible with Zelle. Most do! And even if it doesn’t, you can establish a Zelle account through the app.

establish A Account – To purchase Bitcoin and link your Zelle account to the online casino of your choosing, you must establish a account. The site is secure and trustworthy, as thousands of participants utilize it.

Utilize Zelle to acquire Bitcoin from a Localbitcoins vendor. You should be aware that LocalBitcoins does not support other cryptocurrencies. Refer to the “Buying Bitcoin with Zelle” section below for additional information.

Create A Casino Account Online – Choose one of our suggested online casinos. Less than five minutes will be required to complete the registration procedure.

To make a deposit, simply navigate to the casino’s Deposit, Banking, or Cashier section and look for the Bitcoin option. If you have a LocalBitcoins account, you merely deposit funds through a prompt.

Still have questions? Not to fear! To learn more, you can always visit the FAQ page.


Purchasing bitcoin using Zelle

When you have Zelle, you can rapidly purchase Bitcoins through’s person-to-person market.


Simply visit the LocalBitcoins website to view a list of vendors and their prices accepting Zelle as payment. Then select “Buy” at the desired price.


You will then be prompted to enter the dollar amount for the Bitcoin you wish to purchase. Provide the address of your LocalBitcoins wallet.


Can You withdraw from an online casino using Zelle?

Although you cannot withdraw funds directly from your online casino account to your Zelle account, you can select Bitcoin as the payout method and transmit the funds to your LocalBitcoin account.


Once there, the BTC can be exchanged for dollars.


The Top Online Casinos That Accept Zelle

1) Zelle Deposits In the Wild Casino

Extremely crypto-friendly, Wild Casino accepts a whopping 15 distinct cryptocurrencies. Using your Zelle account, however, you will deposit Bitcoin, as LocalBitcoins only accepts deposits in BTC.


Considering that Bitcoin deposit limits range from $20 to $500,000, it does not matter whether you are a low or high gambler.


The good news is that Wild Casino offers two distinct crypto incentives (one for new players and one for regulars) that you can claim when funding your account with Zelle.


Wild Casino logo JOIN NOW 2) Utilizing Zelle in Las Vegas

Las Atlantis is another excellent option for US-facing Bitcoin casinos.


The relatively new site (launched in 2020) has garnered the loyalty of online casino players due to its spectacular game selection and dependable service.


Bitcoin deposits are accepted beginning at $20, with no upper limit. Las Atlantis will receive your Zelle deposit with great pleasure.


There are no fees associated with Bitcoin withdrawals, and the limits range from $150 to $2,000.


Las Atlantis Casino logo JOIN NOW 3) Bovada Zelle Deposits

Bovada is a full-service gambling destination that has earned enough credibility to be one of the most popular sites among US participants.


Bovada will credit your account within minutes for Zelle deposits ranging from $10 to $5,000.


Bovada does not impose a limit on Bitcoin withdrawals, so keep this in mind when playing at this online casino. It can take up to 24 hours to execute a payout.


Join Bovada Casino today! The website offers multiple payment methods, including a LocalBitcoins integration for Zelle users.


You can instantaneously deposit as little as $10 or as much as $5,000 using this banking feature.


Although Zelle cannot be used for withdrawals, Bitcoin can still be used as a cashout option. The Bitcoin withdrawal limits range from $10 to $2,500, and payouts are made within 24 hours of your request.


Cafe Casino logo JOIN NOW Top Zelle Casino Bonus

Due to the fact that it is their favored payment method, many online casinos offer bonuses to players who use cryptocurrencies. Therefore, even if they do not offer a Zelle bonus, you can always claim their cryptocurrency incentive by making a Bitcoin deposit via LocalBitcoin.


Our preference is the Crypto Welcome Bonus at Wild Casino. You receive a 300% match incentive up to $3000, and the best part is that only a $20 deposit is required to claim this promotion.

What are the advantages of utilizing Zelle?


Zelle is favored by online casino participants due to its dual functionality as a fast direct-payments system and a Bitcoin purchase mechanism for casino deposits. This form of adaptability opens the door to additional advantages.


Advantages of Using Zelle You can use Zelle like a bank account. Its ability to accept bitcoin casino deposits makes it ideal for use as a distinct gambling account.

With bitcoin compatibility, casino players can anticipate quick access to Bitcoin and quick transactions on wagering sites.

Zelle does not charge transaction fees, and most casinos do not charge fees for using Zelle.

Zelle transactions are as private and secure as bank transactions.

Drawbacks Of Zelle

No Guarantees — Zelle transactions are not guaranteed by banks.

Utilizing Bitcoin with Zelle necessitates the use of an additional platform.

Common Zelle Casino Payment Questions


Is Zelle Legit?

The largest banks in the United States. Regularly, millions of customers use Zelle to transmit and spend money in the United States.


Does Zelle function as a cryptocurrency?

Zelle is not a cryptocurrency and does not utilize blockchain technology. People transfer money using an email address or a phone number. Zelle provides the ability to purchase and deposit cryptocurrencies via


Is an Authentic Website?

Yes, is an authorized website. You can view how thousands of users purchase and sell bitcoins on the site.


Can I acquire Bitcoin with Zelle?

Yes, Bitcoin can be purchased with Zelle. It uses to facilitate the transactions.


What Additional Cryptocurrencies Can I Purchase Using Zelle?

Because Zelle is designed for US transactions, other digital currencies are only available on US markets. Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Ripple are among the digital currencies accessible to Zelle users.


Does My Bank Offer Purchase Protection for Zelle?

Typically, banks do not offer protection for Zelle purchases. In certain instances, however, a Zelle transaction can be reversed by contacting the bank.


Does Zelle Provide Account Fraud Protection?

Zelle does not provide account fraud protection. Its security derives from its association with major institutions and its access to the more secure Bitcoin.


Are there any fees associated with Zelle deposits?

Zelle does not impose transaction fees, and few online casinos impose fees for using Zelle.


Can I still receive a bonus if I use Zelle?

Yes, a bonus is available when using Zelle. The majority of casino incentives are applicable to all payment methods, and there are special crypto bonuses available for Bitcoin deposits.


Does BetOnline continue to accept Zelle?

BetOnline no longer allows direct Zelle payments. However, it still accepts Bitcoin.

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